The Drongo

The  Spangled DRONGO is a native Australian bird. Its defining features are iridescent  black and green plombage ( carbon fibre ) and a splayed out fish tail. This cheeky little bird came and sat on my shaping room door and started making a racket the day I was shaping the first future fish with the Simmons principles. It was a sign from the unified field so that day the model  the DRONGO was born. 

Daniel exercising a Swordfish and a Drongo

Dave Rastovich checks out a Drongo during filming of Hydodynamica

In 2003 I started work on the film Hydrodynamica. The producer of the film Richard Kenvin showed me all of the original mathematics and hydrodynamic principles of a surfer called Bob Simmons who developed the first dual finned concave designs in the 1940s. I immediately applied this knowledge to my carbon epoxy construction and developed a super modern high performance future fish design affectionately known as the DRONGO.

Daniel testing the flight characteristics of the Drongo

The Drongo is known for its speed and agility

Daniel  giving a Drongo some stick on location in Indo filming with Dana Morris for the film Beneath the Surface.

Super Typhoon Nida - Mark adventuring in Taiwan - Whu Shi Harbour


Father like Son

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